S. 2C (2018)

Mục lục


An efficient [bmim]oh catalysed the condensations of aromatic aldehydes and diethyl malonate. Tóm tắt
Thi Thuy Duy Nguyen, Hoang Phuong Tran 3
Engineering Properties of Unfired Building Bricks Produced Using URHA-FA Cement Blends. Tóm tắt
Si Huy Ngo, Trong Phuoc Huynh 7
The role of active silica and alumina in geopolymerization Tóm tắt
Van Quang Le, Quang Minh Do, Minh Duc Hoang, Hoc Thang Nguyen 16


In vitro expression of enolase from Streptococcus suis serotype 2 and it’s antigenicity. Tóm tắt
Hoang Bach Nguyen, Thi Dang Khoa Nguyen, Gessica Tore, Van An Le, Alberto Alberti 24
The applications of massive parallel sequencing (next-generation sequencing) in research and molecular diagnosis of human genetic diseases. Tóm tắt
Hieu T. Nguyen, Huong T.T.Le, Liem T. Nguyen, Hua Lou, Thomas LaFramboise 30
Constructing a molecular genotyping assay for rs11077 based on real-time polymerase chain reaction high resolution melting (PCR HRM) technique for the prognosis of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) patients. Tóm tắt
Thi Hao Pham, Thanh Huy Nguyen, Minh Phung Truong, Thi Thuy Hang Le, Quoc Dang Quan, Quang 44
Establishment of multiplex PCR for detection of genes related to Quinolone resistance. Tóm tắt
Ngo Tat Trung, Dao Thanh Quyen, Phan Quoc Hoan, Thirumalaisamy P.P.Velavan, Le Huu Song 51
DNA barcoding, an approach for molecular identification of Huyen-sam (Scrophularia L.) samples collected in Northern Vietnam. Tóm tắt
Manh Minh Bui, Anh Tuan Vu, Phuong Nhung Vu, Quang Cu Pham, Dang Ton Nguyen... 56
Study on soil biology in vietnam - achievements and challenges. Tóm tắt
Quang Manh Vu 65
BWTaligner: A genome short-read aligner. Tóm tắt
Lam Nguyen, Xuan Thi Trinh, Hien Trinh, Dang Hung Tran, Cuong Nguyen 73


Risk assessment of Lead and Cadmium on Juveniles of Cyprinus carpio in laboratory scale. Tóm tắt
Thi Yen Ta, Thi Trinh Le, Thi Thuy Trinh, Thi Tham Trinh, Thi Mai Thao Pham... 78
Assessment Procedure for Sea Level Rise Economic Damage due to Climate Change in Agricultural Land Use: Case study in Nam Dinh Province. Tóm tắt
Van Doanh Vu, Ha Phong Doan, Thi Thu Trang Bui 84
Basic trends and strategic viewpoints for sustainable development in adaptation to climate change in the Mekong delta. Tóm tắt
Dinh Hoa Tran 92