T. 16, S. 3 (2014)

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Key Issues for FDI Policy Re-formulation in Vietnam Tóm tắt PDF
Kenichi Ohno, Le Ha Thanh 5
The Cycle of Transparency, Accountability, Corruption, and Administrative Performance: Evidence from Vietnam Tóm tắt PDF
Tran Thi Bich 32
Employment Transformation in the Vietnamese Economy in Light of the Lewis-Fei-Ranis Growth Model of A Labor-Abundant Economy Tóm tắt PDF
Nguyen Trung Kien 49
Modeling of Financial Distress Probability for Vietnamese Listed Companies Tóm tắt PDF
Phu Kim Yen, Nguyen Manh Hiep 68
Characteristics of Innovation in Vietnamese Firms: An Exploratory Research Tóm tắt PDF
Phan Thi Thuc Anh 82
Corporate Image in the Context of Organizational Transformation: An Integrative Theoretical Model Tóm tắt PDF
Nguyen Thi Hoang Yen 96

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